Transform Your Human Capital Into a Competitive Weapon.

If you thought deeply enough, peeled away enough layers and looked in places we seldom search and rarely invest, you probably concluded that in some way the only sustainable advantage in Business is an ongoing investment in your culture and your people.

Alignment and focus on human capital have been and always will be, at the core, your sustainable differentiator

How strong is your Organization?

The best companies possess a single-mindedness of purpose and an ability to filter out distraction. It causes a motivated and mobilized team to act, at all times in support of the corporate vision.
-Don Hahn

For over 20 years, Hahn Consulting has delivered uncommon results to thousands of Small to Medium (SMB) clients across all industry types.  As an executive business coach and change catalyst, we are passionate about developing change-ready organizations. 

We custom-build blended learning experiences inclusive of executive coaching, leadership development, masterminds, and workshops, all supported by the most powerful family of behavioral assessments using TTI success insights.


As the leader, you set the pace. The corporate vision and values, along with a clear future path and strategy must be incorporated into the very fabric of your organization. Your team must be committed to the betterment of their people. The company must embrace human capital and genuinely value their continued success. Easy to say, but EXTREMELY challenging to implement. There is no Silver Bullet but rather a sustained commitment to excellence. Hahn consulting provides a multidimensional approach to professional development 


A person will succeed or fail based on a handful of characteristics, competencies or behaviors. What are the HIDDEN characteristics that predispose someone to be successful in a particular field of endeavor? TTI’s suite of assessments enable you to reveal and release the full potential of your employees and teams.


Donald Hahn, of Hahn Consulting is Fractional EOS integrator, a business coach, change catalyst and has achieved the designation of Fractional EOS® Integrator. Trained in the use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Don is committed to Reveal and Release human potential. Since 1999, Don has been helping companies running on EOS achieve their objectives. Key areas of focus include: Organizational Development Talent acquisition and management Leadership training and coaching Strategic planning and Implementation

Executive Coaching

How do your managers respond to the basic needs and concerns of their people when they themselves are having a stressful day? How does management evaluate the strengths of each team member, and how do they align those resources with those strengths and coach them to greater levels of performance? How does management deal with an employee who is failing but unaware of their deficiencies?

Key Credentials

Certified Behavioral Analyst

TDC, TDFC, THDC, TEQC Since 2002, Don has utilized TTI's suite of behavioral assessments as the foundation to create cohesion and alignment in the workplace, improve performance management, and develop leaders and teams.

Franklin Covey Coach

Beginning in 2001, Don has been a certified Franklin Covey Coach. Coaching is a learning approach that creates self-awareness, helps drive transformational change, and provides critical challenge and support. Our executive coaching services can be applied to the Entrepreneur, the C-suite and key leadership and teams, often augmenting Masterminds and training

EOS Integrator

EOS is quite simply the best business operating system available to the SMB marketplace. Trained in the use of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® Don has chronicled results in leading his clients through this strategic journey, improving operational efficiencies by more than 50% along the way!

Certified Sandler Sales Mastery Trainer

For over 15 years Don had been a top performing franchisee of the Sandler Sales System, obtaining Certified Sandler Mastery Trainer status, and applying those skills to develop hundreds of sales teams and leaders.


How have we transformed our clients, you may ask?…

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