DISC Assessment

There are a variety of assessments available in the marketplace; measuring intelligence, behavior, personality, emotional quotient, attitudes, skills, etc. Which ones should be used? The answer depends on the job itself and precisely that which the work environment requires of an individual. It is commonly acknowledged that the greatest predictor of future behavior is ones past behavior. For this reason, research has found DiSC to be the very best tool to analyze and predict behaviors.

What is a DiSC behavioral assessment?

The DISC behavioral instrument is steeped in psychology, dating back to Hippocrates, and further refined by Freud, Jung and most recently William Moulton Marston. DiSC is a powerful tool showing you, step-by-step, exactly what to do – and stop doing – to unleash your potential and dramatically enhance your personal effectiveness.

DISC is an objective way of describing a person’s behavior, and using this knowledge, being able to predict how they are likely to act in the future. By answering a simple questionnaire, DISC creates a behavioral profile or assessment of the individual. DiSC is an accurate measure of a person’s behavioral tendencies when confronted by 4 outside influences in their environment:

D – Dominance — How a person responds to problems and challenges.

I – Influence — How a person influences others to his or her point of view.

S – Steadiness — How a person responds to the pace of the environment.

C – Compliance — How a person responds to rules and procedures set by others.

Used frequently in performance improvement, they are a highly valid and reliable instrument used in selection, benchmarking, development, coaching and team building. The most frequent uses we encounter are:

  • Benchmark a job
  • Promote teamwork
  • Candidate selection
  • Sales training and development
  • Career pathing
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Leadership development

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