Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessment

DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The use of behavioral assessments such as DiSC and Trimetrix are vital tools in effective communications and professional growth. There is a need for leaders to know, in a very detailed and objective way, the strengths and weaknesses of their team as a whole, the specific individuals who comprise that team and job candidates who will contribute to the corporate culture.

Assessments allow you to benchmark and measure skills and behaviors of top performers. They also allow you to create targeted training and coaching which will enhance individual behaviors. Valid and reliable assessments are part of any great manager’s toolkit.

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Meet our certified behavioral expert,


Don HahnFor over a decade, Don has been certified in the use of TTI’s suite of assessments. Combining these powerful tools with his coaching expertise, Don trains executives on how to interpret and apply DiSC modeling to the workplace to promote team work , coach and develop employees, and assess candidates.

Critical to effective coaching is incorporating an objective behavioral assessment such as Trimetrix. The Trimetrix report is used to help the coachee understand their strengths and weaknesses in a very concrete way, paving the way for reflection, future growth and performance improvement. The use of 360 surveys enable a leader to see the impact their actions have on the team, offering ideas for improved leadership, culture and communications.

Benchmarking Process

This powerful report combined with our assessment tools allows a company to very specifically identify the characteristics and competencies required for a job. As part of the benchmarking process, we will work with your team leaders to:

  • Identify critical success factors of the job
  • Develop an ideal candidate behavioral profile for the open position.
  • Match Candidate assessment results to the benchmark
  • Learn behavioral based interviewing
  • Develop robust ON-boarding processes for key positions

We even conduct behavioral based interviewing as needed!