Each year in February, in preparation for the draft, NFL staff descends like locusts on Lucas stadium for the annual NFL Combine. It is here that the most talented college players in the land come to display their talent, improve their draft positions and position themselves for that big contract.  For major NFL Franchises, the vetting process is by no means a science but combine attendees are put through a battery of skills tests, interviews and assessments (Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test ) as staff attempt to gauge the relative worth of the assembled athletes. These processes are similar to the evaluation process we use in selecting a top talent for our company.  One thing is certain in both instances, and that is that there is no guarantee.  At some point there is a leap of faith.  There are countless stories of that 1st round pick that went bust, or that 5th rounder who turns out to be a hall of famer. Or the athlete with wonderful skills, but a checkered background and they crash and burn.

Don’t waste your draft picks; avoid the six key “Hiring Horrors:”

  • Hiring from a position of desperation
  • Ill-defined selection criteria
  • Superficial questioning techniques
  • Too much reliance on the interview
  • Bypassing the reference check
  • Failure to validate using objective testing


There is no more important task in your career than hiring right, give it the diligence it’s due.