Unconventional sales techniques for exceptional sales people

Sales CHAMPions is a comprehensive sales training program which meets weekly in Buffalo NY.  Enrollees come from Buffalo, Rochester, Erie Pennsylvania and Toronto Ontario.

Those at the top of their field realize that one needs reinforcement of basic skills, and techniques, but more importantly effective planning and  good habits. Sales CHAMPions is often times a life altering experience. Realize that you will get the most out of the program by dedicating yourself to personal and professional growth and change. Sales CHAMPions goes far beyond the basic skills required to sell, as we look into the intricacies of modern day digital marketing and business development. We also confront the limiting beliefs  and”self talk” that derail many promising careers.

A 10 week program provides a structured learning process allowing you to learn and apply concepts at your own pace. Sales CHAMPions members learn the fundamentals of selling as they are introduced to the strategies, approaches and behaviors of the selling system, they become fully aware of the reasons behind the roadblocks they have been facing and learn strategies to modify their behaviors.

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