During our sales careers,  we have  done virtually all things sales. Acting as your interim Chief Sales Officer, we call on our experiences and best practices to create a customized approach to your sales team.

You may have decided to totally revamp your sales approach.  You may find yourself, for whatever reason, without a sales leader and you are looking to strengthen  your sales enterprise and also need help finding a top notch sales leader.  You may need a great leader to steer the sales process, but do not want to pay a long term premium for some one to evaluate,  build and implement world class sales solutions.    If you find yourself in this position, consider hiring us as your  interim  Chief Sales Officer. You may need us for 3 months, or 6 months. or longer… it’s your call

Over a minimum  three month  engagement period., a certified Hahn coach will be at your facility a minimum of 4 hours per week and provide at minimum the following services:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of  the sales enterprise
  • Provide a tactical plan to implement corrective actions.
  • Services provided usually include at minimum,  the following:
    • Sales talent acquisition and management
    • Sales talent development
    • Territory and account development
    • Brand management, marcom collateral, digital presence
    • CRM metrics and management
    • Conduct Sales meetings / rep 1 on 1’s
    • Integrate sales initiatives with corporate objectives

We Guarantee we will leave your organization in a significantly stronger position.  In fact our final deliverable will be  to find, assess and hire our replacement sales leader.

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