Sales Training

Our clients expect much more than just training.
Training, on its own is not enough. While an important foundation to greater sales effectiveness, the REAL objective is to create lasting behavioral change. This change comes from combining ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring  with processes and tools that create accountability and confidence


We deliver blended learning experiences including sales and sales management training, leadership workshops, executive coaching, and sales mastermind groups that serve as the foundation for any top performing company.

In my 30 plus years of selling, I have virtually done all things sales. Calling on my experiences I combine my various programs to create a customized approach acting as an Adjunct Chief Sales Officer to those select clients with whom I work. Some of the critical components of my offerings include:
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Sales Training Topics Covered:

  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales training classes
  • Selection and Recruitment of sales and sales executives
  • Strategic Sales planning
  • Assessing sales performance

  • Executive Coaching
  • Outsourced sales management
  • Customized Training and workshops
  • Sales Mastermind groups
  • Sales Consulting

Sales CHAMPions: Training and Development for Sales

Uncommon techniques for exceptional sales people

Sales CHAMPions, HAHN’s open enrollment sales training program, bridges the thought and behavior divide by challenging you to reconsider your view of sales and your role in the sales world. Because the most powerful motivators come from within, we believe that a shift in thought about sales is first required that then creates a foundation to internalize these behaviors allowing sales people to become sales leaders.

Sales CHAMPions embraces the process of effective sales training. Lasting results never come from a short term sales training solution like a one day seminar. Lasting results come from ongoing and reinforced learning in a supportive environment. Sales CHAMPions delivers just that. So, while conventional sales training may be acceptable, sales CHAMPions is game changing!

Our guarantee is that upon completion of the Sales CHAMPion training program, you and/or your team will:

  • Own a systematic sales process.
  • Take risks, stay motivated and act assertively (without being pushy).
  • Identify the roadblocks you face and learn techniques to overcome them.
  • Master strategies, approaches and techniques of the selling system.
  • Develop goals and measure progress with targeted one-on-one coaching.



Sales leaders seek improvement in the following Key areas:

  • Oversight of “all things sales”
  • Sales talent acquisition and management
  • Sales talent development
  • Territory and account development
  • Brand management, marcom collateral, digital presence
  • CRM metrics and management
  • Conduct Sales meetings / rep 1 on 1’s
  • Integrate sales initiatives with corporate objectives