Planning :: Strategic Sales and Marketing Plans

While the majority of companies in Corporate America engage in annual strategic planning, fewer than 20% of sales reps operate from a written strategic plan. Great leaders effectively close this gap. They make this connection by helping their people understand the importance of creating a plan. Furthermore, they help their people manage to that plan on a regular basis through inspecting and coaching them on their attainment to the metrics outlined in their plan. Ineffective managers get caught up in hysterical activity in an attempt to get a lot of “stuff” accomplished. The problem is that this activity lacks the purposeful activity that accompanies effective planning. To make matters worse, their employees will usually mimic the pace of their leader, and they too get caught in a frenetic pace. The most empowering action by a leader is to provide their people with a strong connection between their goals and daily tactics; a well defined strategic plan, and then coach them regularly to attaining that plan.

Planning consists of 2 very separate but critical components:

Both require enormous focus and attention.

Time management is the most requested workshop which I conduct. As managers it is easy to get caught up in daily tasks if we do not have the discipline to say “no” to those demands that are not “mission critical.” Leaders maintain a focus by spending 80% of their time and energy on the high gain activities. Their greatest strength is their ability to focus. They have a wonderful ability to say “no” to good opportunities. Why, because they say “yes” to BETTER opportunities.

Strategic Planning

Development and facilitation of Strategic Sales and Marketing Plans.