I always take it down a notch between Christmas and New Years, generally taking that week to reflect.  I begin by dusting off my personal mission statement of 20 plus years, by refining and tweaking annually.  This has served me well to keep sight of what is really important.  It helps to link my values to my goals and by extension, helps me navigate day to day. I reflect on my previous year’s business accomplishments, reviewing my successes, my challenges and review my past year’s business in great detail.  I ask myself tough questions such as;

From where did my business come?  Where did I choose to spend my time?  What relationships were the most valuable?  How did I do against my previous years goals?  What personal development must I focus on in the coming year to improve my performance? What must I start doing and importantly, what must I STOP doing.  It allows me to step back from the day to day and reconnect. The funny thing about habits is that they generally sneak up on you, and you adopt behaviors unknowingly.

Once I know my compass is again pointing in the right direction, I begin to chart my course for the next  twelve months of this journey. I turn to a very robust personal planning tool which I have developed and refined over the past 30 years. It takes me several days of reflection and strategic, “outside the box thinking” to come up with a very clear vision and plan on what I must accomplish, quarter over quarter throughout the coming year.  This rigorous perspective yields a focus and commitment to the coming year.  This focus is the catalyst in providing the energy and motivation to face the inevitable adversity which the coming year will bring. All of a sudden, obstacles convert to opportunities, problems become challenges, and setbacks are a source of inspiration.

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy 2016