My Champ

Customize Your Training:

The CHAMP program can be implemented as an ongoing comprehensive development program, or customized to meet the particular needs of your organization. Each module of CHAMP is designed to be standalone and consists of over 30 hours of classroom curriculum accompanied by ongoing reinforcement tools.

C oaching & Mentoring
H iring, Recruiting & Interviewing
A ssessing & Benchmarking
M anaging and Leading
P lanning and Implementation

MyCHAMP allows you to select those modules which fit the needs and budget of your organization. My CHAMP may consist of all or a portion of the following:

  • Classroom Training
  • Train-the-trainer Programs
  • Your very own “Online University”
  • Web-based Training
  • Management Tool Kits
  • Development of your very own Mentoring Program

  • Pod Casts
  • Executive Coaching
  • Web based Accountability tools
  • Online Tools
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Curriculum Development

Our commitment is to create lasting positive behavioral change for all companies with whom we work. How do we do it? We follow a proven process to solve our client’s Organizational Development challenges.


1. MyCHAMP begins with assessing your company’s developmental needs. Once the assessment is complete we work with you to select the training modules as well as the mediums used to provide reinforcement. Our objective is NOT merely training but to create a learning organization, effecting permanent and positive change across your entire enterprise. We’ll help you determine which component(s) of CHAMP are required to support your needs.

2. Based on your objectives and budgets we choose the proper combination of training coaching and reinforcement required to meet your budget and objectives (examples in table above).

3. A well defined scope of work complete with objectives and timelines will be provided to meet your objectives.