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Corporate America is results driven, and expects more productivity from fewer and fewer resources. This causes management to focus on quantifiable end results. Many managers focus on the final result – Ie: quota attainment – and leave the daily blocking and tackling to their personnel. Unfortunately this approach leaves a large gap between daily activity and the end result, providing enormous pressure (but very little guidance) for the individual.

I agree that in the final analysis the real measure is the team’s performance to their stated objective. A disconnect, however, occurs due to the seemingly loose connection between cause and effect, in this example, between activity and results derived from that activity.

A reps activities 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years previous will generally result in a sale today. By measuring results, we are measuring a latent result of a success or series of successes that are long past. Successful leaders have reverse engineered their goals (quotas) and have established metrics and activity standards which hold their people to clearly defined activities. Instead of measuring sales results, they are able to monitor performance when it really counts, which is weeks or months preceding the order. Effective leaders establish very clear and measurable objectives for every position

How to Apply a Six Sigma process to your enterprise.

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