Hiring Coach

Human Capital is undoubtedly your greatest corporate asset and great managers recognize this fact. The sad reality is that many managers spend more time selecting the right copier than hiring the right employee. In fact, most organizations have no process and virtually no training for managers in what is arguably the most important thing they do: select personnel. Managers do not invest enough focus into recruitment and interviewing. Hiring is a distraction as they are consumed with urgent fire drills that inevitably pop up. In most instances these urgent fire drills relate directly to the quality of the sales rep which they have hired in the first place! The only way to really break out of this vicious circle is to invest the time in hiring great salespeople from the outset.

Exceptional managers have learned to avoid six key “Hiring Horrors:”

  • Hiring from a position of desperation
  • Ill defined selection criteria
  • Superficial questioning techniques
  • Too much reliance on the interview
  • Bypassing the reference check
  • Failure to validate using objective testing

Leaders realize that there is no time in their business career when they have more to gain (or lose) than when they are hiring someone. They adhere to stringent guidelines when selecting and evaluating candidates. What has poor hiring cost you over the last 5 years?

Hiring, Benchmarking & Recruiting

A full spectrum of candidate selection tools to assist in:

  • Job Benchmarking
  • Job Descriptions
  • Hiring and Selection Processes
  • Interviewing
  • Executive and Sales Recruiting