Great leaders understand this and are able to rise above the daily distractions and focus on 5 focus areas; Coaching their people, Hiring Right, Assessing Talent,Managing their people to focus on high gain activities, and Planning well. . 80% or more of their time is spent on these 5 critical disciplines (C.H.A.M.P.):

Less effective leaders however, find themselves getting involved in the minutia. They spend less than 15% on these 5 core areas. They may work hard but accomplish seemingly little. They go home at night and realize they never got to their #1 item for the day. They are constantly pulled into the tactical, limiting their true effectiveness. Why? They view “coaching” as an adjunct part of their job, not recognizing that coaching IS the job. They are ill-prepared for interviewing job applicants and, unlike an RFQ, have not determined the criteria they demand, so they settle without realizing it. They select a candidate, and go through the perfunctory onboarding, with little review, feedback or mentoring. They then start all over again when the person fails, or worse yet, they keep hoping, wishing and yes even praying that the person will “turn it around” soon, even though it was clear by the third week that the candidate would fail. The executive rose through the ranks or built their company by “getting ‘er done…” The company outgrows you but you work longer and harder with the ill-fated notion that you can singlehandedly manage the same company that is 5X the original size. Finally most entrepreneurs are built for action. Their strong motivation to achieve sometimes leads to action, often times absent sufficient pre-thought. The result; false starts, changing direction, micromanagement and confusion and frustration. Unless you are giving your people a way to fuse their minds and develop the potential they hold, they are not truly empowered. The Corporate Mind establishes alignment and organizational effectiveness:

  • Single mindedness of purpose.
  • An ability to filter out distraction.
  • A motivated and mobilized team that acts in support of the vision at all times.

Become the leader that you’d want to follow. If you aren’t practicing and exercising the CorporateMind then neither will they! Give your team a realistic and effective way to participate and drive your collective success. Place everyone on the same page. That’s how you’ll improve sales, increase customer satisfaction and gain market share. All you need to do is “share your minds”. That’s what it means to operate as a CorporateMind. Ask yourself, “Are you leading or Managing?”