Don Hahn The commitment to coaching is a cultural phenomenon and comes from the very top. The good news is that corporations are now placing greater emphasis on human capital. Increased competition, the globalization of our economy and the shortage of qualified workers is accelerating this trend. If you manage people, coaching should be a continuous part of your daily activity. Coaching takes many forms. It can be as simple as asking your people “what do YOU think we should do about the problem?” next time they descend upon you as you enter the office. It should also be time which is formally scheduled weekly or monthly in which you set aside 30 minutes to career path your people and provide performance feedback.

The greatest complaint I receive from my clients is that they do not have the time to invest in coaching their people. This indeed is a conundrum. The fact is, the more time you spend coaching your people, the less time you will spend putting out fires.  Good coaching starts with vision and leads to accountability and empowerment. Define what coaching is to you, and make a commitment to invest in your people. We must shift our paradigm if we hope to become more effective at coaching. To do this we must cease viewing coaching as an adjunct part of the job and view it as THE job itself.  Generally when we purchase an asset as a company, we place it in our balance sheet and amortize the asset by creating a depreciation schedule.

Human Capital is the one corporate asset which will appreciate in value, if we attend to it.