There are three significant trends pertaining to the United States workforce which merit consideration:
There is a growing shortage of qualified workers.
The workforce is increasingly mobile and less loyal.
Human Capital is fast becoming the most valuable asset for top performing companies.

DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. The use of behavioral assessments such as DiSC, Trimetrix, the Big Five, 360’s and the Predictive Index  are all vital assessment tools in effective communications and professional growth. There is a need for leaders to know, in a very detailed and objective way, the strengths and weaknesses of their team as a whole, the specific individuals who comprise that team and job candidates who will contribute to the corporate culture. A good assessment tool will offer insights into  motivators, competencies and behavioral tendencies

Assessments allow you to benchmark and measure skills and behaviors of top performers. They also allow you to create targeted training and coaching which will enhance individual behaviors. Valid and reliable assessments are part of any great manager’s toolkit.

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