Assessment Overview

In our 30 plus years of Coaching and Training we have found some key weaknesses shared by most managers:

  • Managers could alleviate 75% of their issues if only they’d do a better job in interviewing and assessing candidates.
  • Job Bench marking, while critical is not a common practice
  • Most managers do not understand the strengths & weaknesses of the individuals on their team & they do not coach or develop their people.
  • Interviewing skills are lacking across most organizations.
  • Employee Coaching is misunderstood, undervalues and infrequent

This inability to find & develop top performers results in a constant mode of crisis management.

Behavioral Assessments

Successful managers assess & coach their personnel. Hahn Training is an Authorized & Certified Distributor of Targeted Training international (TTI) behavioral assessments such as DiSC, Trimetrix and Values. As an executive coach we use behavioral assessments to examine core attributes of individuals & teams alike. We work with leaders to determine the most effective combination of tools needed to give you a snapshot of high-gain improvement areas, such as:

  • Team Building
  • Work Environment
  • Candidate Screening
  • Motivation

  • Coaching
  • Behaviors
  • Sales Skills
  • Team Training

Targeted Training International (TTI)

TTI offers highly personalized reports generated from an individual’s response to questions. Designed for Executive coaching, sales management development and developing top performers, the reports empower and motivate your team. The assessments are performed online with results emailed in real-time. Designed to determine an individual’s sales skills, personal interests, attitudes & values, these reports are extremely valuable when assessing your current or potential sales force.

Validity:  TTI has  impressive validity ratings, indicating our assessments are a consistent and reliable instrument:

Motivators                 DiSC

Sales Index (SI)

SI is a comprehensive sales coaching and assessment tool authored by Hahn Training. It provides insight across all levels of your organization and is a critical management tool. The Index will help you benchmark your team, assess training requirements , conduct one-on-one’s,conduct Performance Improvement Plans, coach your team, and hire & screen candidates.


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