Behavioral Assessments

The use of behavioral assessments such as DiSC and Trimetrix for Creating Job Benchmarks to aid in bench marking and candidate selection is vital to great leaders. There is a need to know, in a very detailed and objective way, the strengths and weaknesses of their team as a whole, the specific individuals who comprise that team and job candidates who will contribute to the corporate culture. Assessments allow you to benchmark and measure skills and behaviors of top performers. It also allows you to create targeted training and coaching which will enhance individual behaviors. Valid and reliable assessments are part of any great manager’s toolkit. Hahn Training is certified in Targeted Training International’s (TTI) entire suite of services


Certified in a full line of Behavioral Assessments (DISC, Devine, 360’s, Predictive Index, and our own comprehensive Discovery Document) enables us to:

  • Benchmark Organizations
  • Improve Communications
  • Evaluate Performance
  • Validate Candidate Selection
  • Assist with Employee Development